Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Kickoff

First, I suppose an introduction is in order...

I am currently a third year medical student, that beyond the worlds of medicine and science, finds herself fascinated and completely hooked on cooking.  I have always enjoyed cooking, but in recent years I have become a fanatic, and branched out extensively in the dishes I will undertake in the kitchen!  I have come a long way from my Italian days, though still my favorite "genre."  French, Thai, Chinese, Mediterranean, and even fish, have all started to make it regularly into the rotation!

I have also started to dabble in the pairing of foods and wines.  My husband and I discovered a winery, Martinelli, on our honeymoon that really became the first to fully open my eyes to the complexities and subtleties of wine.  I enjoyed a glass of wine before, but now I was a believer!  After our return, and in the months that followed, I began attempting new dishes with much greater thought given to what I would pair with it.

So here begins a catalogue of future efforts.  I hope to post fairly regularly, as school, energy, and the need to sleep occasionally permit.  On occasion I will prepare something and work on a wine pairing.  I'll give my thoughts, which are by no means those of an expert of any sort, and I hope to hear yours as well.  

It's off to the kitchen!

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